Wrinkle Removal Skin Cream Launched By Victoria Osteen

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Victoria Osteen"Victoria Osteen, wife of Joel Osteen and a co-pastor of Lakewood Church is popularly known for her successful career in ministry and writing. She has always managed to maintain youthful looks and glowing skin and does not seem to age at all during the 25 years journey of her life. Now, at the age of 54, rumors are being spread about her that she has got a plastic surgery to maintain this youthful look. She was very upset with such comments by her fans that she joined a campaign with her husband Joel Osteen against Botox to aware people about the harmful effects of it. It was after this incident that her secret of youthful skin was finally out.

On Larry King Live, Shark Tank moisturizing cream was launched. She launched it herself and said that she wants to do something for the women around the world and so she is sharing her secret with them on how to have a wrinkle free skin and look just half of your age in just a few minutes. Her secret was known by Dr. Oz but he kept it confidential for years and reserved it for some private celebrities only until Victoria Osteen herself revealed it on a live show.

Important Constituents of Victoria’s Anti-aging Cream

They are Proprietary Bisophere and QuSome. These are the natural substances that are combined together in order to fade away wrinkles, remove lines and rejuvenate the overall skin.

  • Proprietary Bisophere: The first component in the anti-aging episode serum that doctors discussed was Proprietary Bisophere. It works deep down at the cellular level, filters the tissues that have been damaged due to aging and releases a protein called collagen that reacts with your cells and ultimately tightens your skin. It was found that this aging cream was one of the only products in the market that has high PB concentration with appropriate consistency. That is why, it is so effective.
  • QuSome: The second component in the anti-aging serum as revealed by the celebrity doctor was QuSome. When this component combines with the first component in correct proportions, it produces a magical result. When they are combined together, new cells of the skin move to the upper layer of the skin i.e. epidermis, making you look much younger than your original age and giving your skin a magical glow and youthful touch. QuSome is actually responsible for binding moisture. It can hold up to thousand times of its weight in water. So, when you apply it on your skin, it puffs your skin up in the wrinkle prone areas. Areas that contain more wrinkles and lines like your forehead and area near your eyes is actually suffering from stress or dryness. QuSome actively repairs those areas and rejuvenates your skin.

When PB and QuSome are combined in the correct proportions, they together rejuvenate your dead and decaying skin by replacing it with new tissues that are tighter erasing lines and wrinkles on your face and thus producing a younger look. In a few weeks, you will see the magic. You will appear 10-20 years younger than your original age.